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JoDan Farms Nursery was founded in 1986 at Murrieta, California by Dan & Joan Hollingsworth. A twenty – acre hillside was purchased from friend and long-time nurseryman, Everett Greer. The site was then graded, wells drilled, water systems installed and boxed trees were placed on the terraced slopes.


Since that time, the nursery site has expanded to 100 hillside acres and thousands more trees with box sizes ranging from 24 inches to 72 inches.


We are marketing the trees in all of Southern California, Nevada and Arizona.

JoDan Farms takes great pride in providing excellent customer service and our ability to quickly deliver quality trees to our customers via 20 ft. trailers or larger orders by contracted carriers with semi trucks.


Dan Hollingsworth oversees the nursery operation.
Key employees are:

Juan Fragosa, Sales
Julia Johnstone, Office Manager
Salvador Fragoza, Production and Logistics

A very capable and dedicated support staff of long-time employees maintain and grow a quality product.

JoDan is here to serve you, our valued customer.
Contact any of our key employees if you have questions or want further information







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